Catello Electrical Services

Aerial truck services

We feature a fleet of aerial service vehicles, which offer a variety of services including :

  • Lighting maintenance both daily, monthly service agreements
  • Overhead wiring

We service:

Shopping centers , condominiums, private communities, financial and industrial facilities just to name a few

*Call us for a free estimate, Let us design your project

Residential services:

  • Electric service upgrade
  • Expert troubleshooting We install and service Phone, data, intercom, door chimes
  • 220 volt wiring
  • Residential Stand by generators to fit any budget
  • Wiring for heating and air-conditioning
  • New switches and receptacles
  • New circuits
  • Circuit breakers
  • Wiring for new appliances
  • Wiring for new kitchens, bathrooms, basements are our specialty
  • Recessed lighting including Green energy efficient recessed lighting
  • Landscape lighting and design
  • In ground and above ground pool wiring for filters, heaters, lighting, waterfalls, Patios , Screen rooms

Commercial and Industrial services

  • Complete commercial Stand by generator systems to fit any budget
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Adequate service and wiring
  • All electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Violation removal
  • HVAC control wiring
  • Emergency lighting
  • Refrigeration wiring
  • Lighting installation and maintenance

Green Energy efficient lighting

Let us show you how to save money on your electrical usage. * Call us for an in home evaluation

We install and service: All new technology lighting.

All types of LED lighting, compact and energy efficient florescent lighting,CFL and HID lighting, low voltage lighting.

Helpful tips on how to save money on your electric bill

  1. Install energy efficient lighting, such as LED or CFL (compact florescent lighting)
  2. Upgrade your appliances to new energy star rated appliances
  3. Insulate your home to keep out the heat in summer and the harsh winter cold
  4. Install Timers for all your outdoor lighting and pool equipment to reduce run time
  5. Set television timers to turn off the televisions ( if set is equipped)
  6. Shop for alternate energy suppliers they may be more competitive and help save you on your monthly energy bill, you can find a list of these suppliers on your bill or suppliers website

* We can help you save, call now for an in home evaluation.

We also offer:

Emergency services, Free estimates